Army pulling out of Heidelberg

Just a short note about some recent news.  In looking up information for this blog, I discovered that the Army will be removing their presence from Heidelberg and nearby Mannheim before the end of 2013.  Patrick Henry Village will likely become privately owned at that point.  Here is an article discussing the move; it doesn’t mention PHV specifically but I’ve seen references elsewhere which include it.

A little sad, perhaps, but it doesn’t change anything as far as this blog is concerned.  I haven’t lived in PHV since 1981 or 1982 and my only other glimpse of it was in 2000 when our bus passed right by it on the autobahn.  But the memories of my time there remain strong, and remain untouched by its current status.

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3 thoughts on “Army pulling out of Heidelberg

  1. Jeff

    I wonder if that signals a general decline in European military presence, or simply a shift to a different area.

  2. It sounds like the presence in the area has been declining for some time and basically it got to the point where there weren’t enough people to justify the support (the commissary, etc). So they’re moving everyone to a higher-population area where they’ll have better support.

  3. joey

    it is kinda sad that what was my hometown for 5 years is pretty much disappearing. with all of the drawdowns, school closing, turning the housing over to Germany … I am happy that it appears that Germany will be putting PHV to good use, but its the closing of an era….it was like living in the 40’s or so in the sense that it really was a village. you had all these familys living together, sharing experiences, (who can remember being caught by someones parent who either knew your parents or the neighbors of your parents?) the whole-go home when the street lights come on, the ‘boundries’ set by parents- such as -you can only go down to the next stairwell- or the next over playground? the sight of all of kids walking to school…the weekend sports activities where the fields were full of families either playing or cheering … how it seemed that there was always someones mother in each stairwell that was available to apply a band aid as necessary…those of us that lived at PHV were truly blessed in that we got to experience a lil piece of Americana that it seems CONUS had left behind.

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