Music in PHV

As an elementary school kid at the time, I wasn’t exactly up on my pop music while living in Patrick Henry Village.  Sesame Street sing-along tapes notwithstanding, the first “real” band I remember really being interested in was Kiss…largely because a friend was very interested in them.  In fact, one year we got a Kiss makeup kit for Halloween but we never used it because it looked too hard to apply.  I should have mentioned that in my earlier Halloween post.

Somehow I got my hands on a few mix tapes, I think one from a friend and one from an older, wiser babysitter, which gave me a bit more of a glimpse into what was going on in the music world.  Below are some of the songs I remember from those tapes.  This isn’t specific to living in PHV, I know, but I thought perhaps this would help define the timeframe in which all my various PHV memories happened.

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2 thoughts on “Music in PHV

  1. Scott Miles

    One thing I remember is that the time around 1980 was the golden age of the “boombox”. Many guys would walk around with a huge cassette player hanging by a guitar strap blasting out music. You nailed it with “Celebration” as it was mostly the black kids, but there were also Heavy Metal fans putting out things like Blue Oyster Cult. Rappers Delight by the Sugar Hill Gang came out then also, and I remember Parliment/Funkadelic. Van Halen’s Dance The Night Away is another that I remember hearing for the first time at PHV.

    This was also the time when the large picked out Afro was stylish and many of these guys had a hair pick stashed in their hair.

    I don’t know if you mentioned this much, but it was definitely what we now call “diverse”. Especially among us children of NCO’s. I had many black friends, asian friends and hispanic friends.

    • Yeah, I remember one morning a friend and I met at one of the playgrounds and we both had our boomboxes and both of us had Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler” cued up. I remember an older kid came by and told us we had good taste in music, which was a cool thing when you’re that young.

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