Village Pavilion

Just a quick follow-up on one of my earliest blogs about the Officers Club.  I just discovered that it’s now called the Village Pavilion and apparently it is used for conferences and large events.  Here is the official site; clicking around on some of the links at the top reveals some pictures featuring the large chandeliers which I was pretty sure I remembered.   The site has no mention of Der Keller, so I assume that bar/casual eatery no longer exists in the basement.

In addition, here’s a youtube video of a briefing covering the Army’s impending move from Heidelberg to Wiesbaden.  In the first minute of the video you get a few views of what I remember as the formal dining room.  The chandeliers are seen there as well, and I also noticed the restaurant-style double doors in the background with the circular windows.  There’s even a glimpse of the tall curtains I remember being along the left wall.  Looks like the grand piano has been moved elsewhere, though.

And finally, not strictly related, I found this page which has a picture of the dining room from the 1960s.

Maybe not such a big deal, but it was interesting for me to see the interior of this building for the first time in over 30 years and validate some distant childhood memories.

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2 thoughts on “Village Pavilion

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  2. Trish

    My father informed me the other day there are no longer separate clubs for officers, enlisted and NCOs, so the Village Pavilion is for all.

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