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Officers Club, part 2

There are a few miscellaneous things I wanted to capture from the Officers Club area which aren’t mentioned either in my original post about the building, or in the follow-up where I’d learned that it has since been renamed the Village Pavilion.

The Ice Cream Shop

If we return to the Google Maps view, you’ll notice a clump of trees along the east side of the building, next to what looks to be a loading dock area.  There used to be an ice cream shop right where those trees are, and I think you might’ve had to walk down concrete steps to get to the door.  So maybe it was in the basement of the Officers Club, along with Der Keller?  I only vaguely remember this ice cream shop at all, except for one thing — banana splits.  This was the first place I ever tried one, and to this day I can’t have a banana split without thinking about that little hole-in-the-wall shop in PHV.

The Community Center

I don’t know if it was actually called a community center, but I’m referring to the building just to the southeast of the Officers Club.  Google Maps actually has it labeled as a Network Service Center, so its use may have changed.  During my time in PHV, this building was a recreation center.  I recall that they had some sort of film event which ran over several weekends and, while I can’t remember what movies they might have been showing, I do remember that popcorn was available.  There was also a room with several pool tables, and I remember knocking the balls around even though I didn’t really know how to play.  I don’t think we visited this center too often, because I don’t recall what else may have been in there.

You’ll notice that there’s a large patio area in the back of this building, across from the rust-colored basketball courts.  We went to the rec center once when this whole area was under construction, and the patio was just a big pit with exposed pipes, wiring, and who knows what else.  Our parents left us at the rec center for a short time with only one standing order: do not go into that pit, because it’s dangerous.  But the pit looked so interesting, and it even had a few pathways dipping in and out of it which must’ve been created by the construction workers moving in and out.  So we had a great time running in one side of the pit and out the other on these paths, until we looked up from the bottom and saw our parents watching.  That was the end of the fun for that day, I’m sure.

The Temporary Housing

Again, I don’t recall what the official term for these were, but if you look to the north of the Officers Club, across the street, there’s a line of long two-story buildings.  As best as I can remember, these were temporary quarters for people who were just moving in or out of PHV and either didn’t have permanent quarters yet or else had already moved out of them and were waiting to be shipped back to the States.  I know we stayed in one of these buildings for a brief time, but couldn’t say which one.

The Day Care Center

There’s another line of two story buildings along the east side of the Officers Club, heading south almost to the main gate.  In one of the first two buildings from the gate was a day care center which we went to sometimes.  It was easily identifiable because of the life-size nutcracker statue standing by the door.  Inside, I mainly just remember a long hallway running down the middle and a large room on one side which was full of cots for nap time.  I also remember snack time, which included graham crackers.  If you exited the hallway on the east side of the building, there was an enclosed playground which was the highlight of being at the center.  From the satellite view I don’t see any evidence of a nutcracker statue or of a playground, so unless they’re hidden underneath trees I’d have to guess that the day care center is no longer located in that area.

Between the main gate and that row of buildings, there’s another building which has its own parking lot.  I’m fairly certain that building didn’t exist when I lived in PHV, so I’m wondering if perhaps there used to be one or two more of those long two-story buildings in its place and one of them housed the day care center.

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