Campbell Barracks Photo

Just a brief post to share this image of the Campbell Barracks entrance which I found online.  I’ve briefly mentioned Campbell elsewhere in this blog; I remember it as mostly a place where adults worked but I’m pretty sure I visited a barber here at least once, and another time there was some sort of event where we watched the Disney film Darby O’Gill & The Little People (the banshee terrified me!).  Both that and the barber were in a building toward the back of the facility.

At any rate, I always loved Campbell because of this entrance–it felt like you were driving into a castle.  Notice the four large statues above the entryway; I think there were similar statues at Heidelberg castle?  Click on the picture to go to the website where I found it.


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9 thoughts on “Campbell Barracks Photo

  1. George

    You are on to something.I would imagine the statues are relics from the cold war.However I will try to find castle pics to confirm your observation.

    • Elsewhere I read that Cambell Barracks was actually built as a barracks for the German army and the US took control of it at the end of WWII. So it’s possible the statues are part of the original architecture…perhaps they were trying to have a unifying them with the castle, assuming I’m correct about the castle having a bunch of statues like this.

  2. I found an Ebay auction for a watercolor painting of the front entrance, and the description has some interesting detail about the four statues:

    “This watercolor by Marsha Cheney depicts the main gate to Campbell Barracks. Above the entrance are four statues, symbolic of important periods in German history: (left to right) the 20th Century, WW I, and the Third Reich: the late 19th Century, German unification and the 2nd Empire established in 1871: a Hessian dragoon of 1806; and a Wurttemberg light infantryman (Jaeger) of 1805. On the wall along both sides of the driveway beneath two stone eagles once hung the Nazi swastika—now replaced by the emblem or USAREUR, guardian of peace and stability in Europe.”

  3. George

    I meant old war.This was built to be impressive on many levels.Thanks for the historical insight.

  4. Take a look at this picture of a wall in the castle, covered with statues…I think this is what was in the back of my mind:

  5. George

    No doubt. I wonder what those statues stand for.

  6. George

    Seems construction on the castle began around 1300.It evolved to include several buildings representing different time periods in German history.As far as statues and architecture are concerned I hit a blank wall. No one is able to define this castles true identity therefore the statues remain a mystery.

  7. joey

    my father used to work here …. if any one remembers the H building…. (it is still there-you can see it via google earth. about 500 feet to the west of the H building was where the red army terrorist attack occurred May 24th 1972.

  8. Barbara

    This brings back so many memories (I’m sure you get that a lot). My mother is from Heidelberg and met my father when he was stationed there. I lived in PHV (and attended elementary school) in 1973 – 1977 and again (attended Heidelberg middle school) from 1980 – 1983. Those were some of the best years of my life! Thanks for all your posts!

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