Images of a Deserted Heidelberg

I just found the DVIDS Heidelberg gallery which has 26 images showing a deserted PHV, as well as Campbell Barracks and Patton Barracks.   At the site, click each picture to get a larger view and a descriptive caption.  The captions confirm that the big building at the extreme southern end of PHV was actually a commissary, so I guess residents no longer had to drive into town to the separate Army facility containing the PX, commissary, and other shops like we had to do back at the end of the 1970s/start of the 1980s.

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11 thoughts on “Images of a Deserted Heidelberg

  1. Thanks for sharing! I was wondering if/when pictures would come out. I admit I was actually hoping for creepier pictures–aerial shots would have likely been really effective.

    I’m still sad that PHV closed. I hope you keep publishing your blog, however!

  2. These shots break my heart. We lived in PHV, I worked at Campbell Barracks, and spent time at Patton Barracks also. It was a great place to be and lots of fun. It is very sad to know it is gone forever. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Rose

    We lived on PHV 1992-1994 on Alamo Circle in Bldg 4454. We loved the post, made great friendships as did our 2 kids. We were stationed in Heidelberg again from 1998-2001, but chose to live off post in Plankstadt, which is just a few kilometer from PHV. Such great memories of our time there!

    • Toni

      I lived there from 1998-2001..Had a blast loved PHV and when I saw the pics of what it looks like now and that the Military no longer occupied it I actually cried I hold a place in my heart for Heidelberg!! Great people great memories.

  4. Betty Meaders-Lynch

    We lived at Patrick Henry Village for a couple of years after moving from our home on the Neckar River. It is sad to know that there will no longer be the same – I recall waiting for the school bus during the winter and freezing while waiting. I missed Heidelberg for many years after graduating at the Heidelberg Castle. I would love to return to Heidelberg – we were there year before this past year and it is not the same city. The old city was wonderful. Miss my fellow classmates as well. I am in contact with one of my friends and his family, Duke Becker. It is sad to see the changes but it was wonderful to return to Heidelberg a couple of times.

  5. The pictures of a desserted PHV are heartbreaking. Brings back so many good memories, like the church where David was an angel in the Christmas pageant, the Rec Center at Patton Barracks where I used to go practice on their grand piano, the baseball field where the kids played t-ball, the buildings where we lived, although I think that empty playground equipment was put in after we left. It’s just too sad, but hopefully the Germans will liven the place up again and bring life back. Thanks for the pictures.

  6. Yep. I lived about a five minute walk from the commissary. My husband was away for training at one point before I had my license here so I am glad that it was on PHV. One still had to drive through town to get to the PX and other shops (although that wasn’t all that far).

  7. Brian

    Glad I found this site!

    Lived on PHV from 1989 to 1992.

    I lived there when the housing units were painted from the white to the tan and yellow color schemes!


  8. Greg Naines

    Lived there 1961-1965. Will never forget those days!

  9. David McGowan

    Our family were one of the very first to live there, December 1954 thru October 1958. I grew-up there … live at 12E San Juan Hill, attended first grade at the elementary school and much more. Sorry to see it close.

  10. Tracy Castle

    Actually, the Commissary was on Patton Barracks. My daughter and I lived in Heidelberg from August 2000-May 2002. I’ll never forget shopping there with my Army friend (my daughter and I were non-military). Being so used to shopping on the economy, I kept saying “Entschuldigung, Entschuldigung” every time I reached for something on the shelf or bumped into someone! I’ll never forget this one man giving me a knowing smile but didn’t say anything about a non-federally affiliated person being there. lol

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