Nice image of PHV

I found the following aerial image on a German photography site.  They listed it as Tompkins Barracks, but it’s unmistakably Patrick Henry Village — I spent a lot of time at those three playgrounds in the foreground, and played tee-ball at those baseball fields in the upper left.  I don’t know when this was taken, but it’s after my time because the buildings have those white tower-like additions on the back which a reader informed me were used as laundry rooms or other additional space.  You can click on the image to go to the site where I found it.


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10 thoughts on “Nice image of PHV

  1. George

    Are we sure this is PHV?I remember the stairwells being parallel to the streets in the village.I think the track and football field had a main German road running behind it.For some reason I don’t think this aerial photo is PHV,but time erodes most memories.Thanks for keeping the PHV experience relevant.

  2. Yeah, it’s a partial view of PHV. One big clue is the square building in the top left corner, with the open courtyard in the middle. It is one of the newer buildings in the southeast corner of PHV, behind the middle school. IN this picture, the autobahn would be underneath the airplane or maybe slightly behind, and running left to right. North is to the right, where the shopping area with the movie theater and whatnot would be. One of the buildings I used to live in is at the bottom of the photo. What you see in the upper left which looks like a track is actually two baseball fields with a road or path around it. The actual track/football field would be underneath the airplane and off to the right some. This view is facing east/southeast.

    • George

      Thanks for clearing that up.Now I get it! Again,the memories of this army brat thank you.

  3. sebas

    I found your blog on Google and wanted to leave some words of appreciation for what you’re doing. Your blog is a great trip down memory lane and made me reminisce about the great times I had at Patrick-Henry-Village.

    It’s so sad now that it’s finally over. Sure, I knew for years that this day would come but never realized until a couple of days ago, when I drove by an abandoned PHV and felt kind of heartbroken.

    Through friends, family and also the German-American Volksfest, I’ve had the chance to spend some time at PHV as a kid and teenager and enjoyed every second of it. Unfortunately haven’t had too many chances to be there after 9/11 – except for a couple of times with my ex-girlfriend who had an ID-card.

    In my opinion the closing of the military installations in Mannheim/ Heidelberg/ Schwetzingen is a huge loss for our area.

    You were great neighbours! Thanks again for the memories!

    • Thanks for the comment! I didn’t realize that there was so much interest among Germans in the US military installations like PHV until I started this blog.

  4. Yeah that looks like PHV. I looked up Tompkins Barracks and it looks like there are too many buildings here for it to be that, and their buildings look a little different than PHV’s. I recently put up a post about seeing PHV from 104 ft in the air that you might be interested in. The photos were taken from a firetruck lift above the parking lot of the middle school. (P.S. My blog used to be Overseas Adventures, but I’ve moved over to self-hosted so now it’s Embracing Adventure)

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  6. Aaron Gwinner

    Wow… Came across this as I’m planning a visit to Heidelberg for the first time in 30 years. Went to kindergarten here in the early 70’s. Thanks for the memories. I’m sorry I won’t have the chance to roam around San Juan Hill. Great memories.

  7. Russ Martin

    I can put the cursor right on my quarters on Bull Run Court, ’71-’75.

  8. Russ Martin

    Remember the old farm house beyond the tennis courts? they would be to the far right of this pic

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