Big Blue Balls, and Other Photos

I found a few pictures from my PHV days that seemed worthy of sharing.  First up, here are the big blue balls that I mentioned in my Luisenpark post.  See, I wasn’t crazy!  I’m sure me or my brother, or both of us, are in this picture, but it’s too blurry for me to be sure.


Next up is just a picture of PHV in the winter.  You can tell this is old because of the stripes on that van!


And finally, I was surprised to find a picture of me in that Halloween costume which nobody seemed to understand…check out my Halloween post for the details.  I’m trying to mimic the claw-hands of the monster.  Notice the rotary phone in the background, and the cutting-edge technology of VHS tapes!


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9 thoughts on “Big Blue Balls, and Other Photos

  1. carla

    It’s been so long since i’ve seen this up close. I was born in Heidelberg and lived in phv for the first 12 years of my life so many memories …thanks for this blog

  2. George

    We made a haunted house in the stairwell basement.

  3. This is a Mutant costume from the 1955 movie THIS ISLAND EARTH.

    Great blog. Thanks for sharing. PHV 1973-1976 Alamo Circle, and 1978-1981 South Lexington.

  4. Billy

    Unbelievable. I too lived in PHV during the same years (77-80). I remember starting kindergarten and leaving after 2nd grade. For halloween my brother Vaughn and I would channel Star Wars or the band Kiss. Thanks so much for sharing this.


    Please, if you have lived in Patrick Henry Village, or visited it at some point, it would be great if you could post your personal memories in this facebook page and give a short description where the could be located. In this sense we hope to trigger memories and recreate a vivid vision of the past.

    Go and check out the website for more information on this project

  6. colleen

    I lived in Mark Twain Village 1997-2003 and the picture above looks like Mark Twain Village, not PHV…

    • Colleen, that picture is from our family collection and we rarely set foot in MTV, so I’m fairly confident that it’s PHV. The only time I ever remember being in MTV was for a tee-ball game, and definitely not during snow like this. 🙂

  7. We lived in Bull Run ct,Phv 1967 to 1971
    My daughter ans son attended early school there

    • Paul

      Hey al, we overlapped. I lived on s. Gettysburg 1969-1972. Attended elementary school there also.

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