Forbes Article on Future of PHV

Hey folks, it’s been a few years since I’ve updated the blog but, like I mentioned before, the well of memories was starting to run dry since my time at PHV is now roughly 35 years in the past.

I came across this Forbes article from September 2016 discussing the future of PHV, and almost fell out of my seat when I saw it includes a link to this very blog!

I know that PHV is being used as refugee housing at the moment, as evidenced in this other PHV blog, but the Forbes article seems to suggest it might be repurposed…again.

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2 thoughts on “Forbes Article on Future of PHV

  1. Tom

    This (the link below) is from Wednesday of this week. Sad, of course, to see that so much will change from how we remember it, but it looks like there are big and exciting plans for PHV. I have evolved into one of those people who are very excited to see the changes and reinvention of the space to become vibrant again.

  2. Randall Stagner

    Surprising and fantastic. A repurposed HPV makes me smile.

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