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Images of a Deserted Heidelberg

I just found the DVIDS Heidelberg gallery which has 26 images showing a deserted PHV, as well as Campbell Barracks and Patton Barracks.   At the site, click each picture to get a larger view and a descriptive caption.  The captions confirm that the big building at the extreme southern end of PHV was actually a commissary, so I guess residents no longer had to drive into town to the separate Army facility containing the PX, commissary, and other shops like we had to do back at the end of the 1970s/start of the 1980s.

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Campbell Barracks Closing Ceremony

I just came across the following video, celebrating the history of Campbell Barracks and highlighting the closing ceremony.  It’s sad to see the grass already overgrowing the sidewalks and the bushes growing wild. It must have been in a nearly-closed state for some time before this video was made.

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Campbell Barracks Photo

Just a brief post to share this image of the Campbell Barracks entrance which I found online.  I’ve briefly mentioned Campbell elsewhere in this blog; I remember it as mostly a place where adults worked but I’m pretty sure I visited a barber here at least once, and another time there was some sort of event where we watched the Disney film Darby O’Gill & The Little People (the banshee terrified me!).  Both that and the barber were in a building toward the back of the facility.

At any rate, I always loved Campbell because of this entrance–it felt like you were driving into a castle.  Notice the four large statues above the entryway; I think there were similar statues at Heidelberg castle?  Click on the picture to go to the website where I found it.


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